VOA often receives questions from users who transfer the wrong address. Today, I 'd like to sort out the situation of transferring the wrong address and answer them one by one:

1. invalid address

When transferring coins, the default network has address verification. If it is an invalid address and does not meet the address verification criteria, it cannot be transferred out, so the coins will not be lost.

For example, you plan to mention BTC, but enter ETH's address. This kind of transfer of coins from different public chains cannot be operated. In this case, the exchange or wallet will be prompted,This address cannot be used for currency withholding.

2. a valid address
If it is a valid address, it can definitely be sent out. If the other party is an unused account, the currency will be lost directly and cannot be retrieved;

If the other party is an account that someone is using, you can try to contact the other party to see if you are willing to return it to you;

However, if it is a transfer between two currencies of the same public chain, such as BTC transferred to the address of BCH, there may be a loss of coins, which cannot be recovered.

3.Third-party platform withholding coins

If you withdraw coins through a third-party platform, for example, you withdraw coins from the fire coin account to other wallets, usually after you initiate a withdrawal on the fire coin platform, you need the platform to review it before you can remit it. Your withdrawal record can be intercepted if you find the wrong address before you have reviewed the remittance. Once the remittance is approved, the transfer has already reached the block network and there is no way to retrieve it.