Platform registration and login
Click on the website and click on the registration page - the registration of voaex International Exchange is divided into 3 registration methods, namely, setting up your own account name registration, mobile phone number registration, and email registration.
1. Set up the account registration by yourself, the account is set to (6-24) characters, the login password is set to (6-12) characters, and the fund withdrawal password is set to 6-digit pure numbers. The bottom is the 7-digit invitation of the superior agent
2. Mobile phone number registration, click to enter the mobile phone number, and then set the login password, the fund withdrawal password, the 7-digit invitation code of the superior agent, and the verification code received by the mobile phone.
3. Email registration, first enter the email account, then set the login password, set the fund withdrawal password, the superior agent's 7-digit invitation code, click the login email, and go to the email to get the verification code.
4. After the registration is successful, bind the mobile phone number or email address in time to ensure the security of the account.
Second real-name process and method
After successful registration, it will go to the next step, user real-name authentication, anyone in the world can only have one real-name account of voaex exchange, this is to ensure the safety of account funds and one of the important guarantees to prevent money laundering by criminals, voaex also promises to Confidentiality of all user information and take any measures to ensure information security, digital assets and personal data about the platform are obtained through your use of our services, or you have obtained your consent, these data include contact information, the identity you provide Proof information, personal photo, e-mail address, legal personal name, nationality, passport, date of birth, residential address, proof of residence, or your personal network IP address, and company legal customer information, etc.
1. Click on the website, log in to the voaex homepage, click on the personal center, find "User Authentication", enter, click "Identity Authentication" to enter, fill in your nationality, name, personal ID number in turn, As well as the front photo of the legal identification document, the back photo, and the front photo of the holding document. (See Figure 1 for details)
2. Upload your ID photo and wait for approval.
3. Return to fill in the authentication advanced verification in turn.