What does Bitcoin mining hosting mean? In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto won the first Bitcoin mining reward. At that time, the price of Bitcoin was still the price of cabbage, so it did not cause a big stir. Now it is very difficult to obtain Bitcoin rewards through mining. Therefore, mining hosting has become the preferred method for miners. However, some investors have not heard of Bitcoin mining hosting. So, what does Bitcoin mining hosting mean? Below, the editor of Bitcoin Information Network will tell you in detail what does Bitcoin mining custody mean?

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Miner name Miner Amount cycle daily income
experience 3 days 0 3 days 3%
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IPFS Miner 150u-4999u 30 days 2.8%
GPU Miner 5000-9999u 60 days 3.3%
ASIC Miner ≥10000u+ 90 days 5%

Mining requires a large number of mining machines to operate together. The computer needs to be in a working state all the time, and it needs to consume a lot of electricity. Mining hosting can place the mining machine in a professional mining farm, and there will be special personnel to maintain it. There are many kinds of mining hosting services, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. Miners must choose carefully to ensure their own rights and the security of mining machines and data.

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Referral reward Mining machine revenue reward First Subscription Amount Reward
first-level user 20% 5%
secondary user 10% 3%
tertiary user 5% 1%

At present, Bitcoin mining hosting is reliable, and Bitcoin mining hosting has the following advantages:

1. Because the power consumption of mining machines is generally relatively large, the cost of electricity for residents at home is higher, and the cost of electricity is cheaper than that for residential electricity in the mine hosting.

2. The noise of the mining machine will be very loud, up to 90 decibels. The host of the mining machine is generally located in a sparsely populated area, which solves the problem of noise pollution.

3. To use a mining machine to mine, you need to connect to the mining pool for settings, etc., you must have some professional operating knowledge, and it is difficult for ordinary people to learn.

4. The operating status of the mining machine needs to be monitored, and it needs to be monitored and processed 24 hours a day. The hosting service can save time and cost.

5. The Bitcoin mining machine will generate a lot of heat during operation, which needs to be dissipated. It is very uneconomical to use the air conditioner at home. The mine has professional equipment for cooling and cooling.

6. In cluster mining, the output of a single mining machine will be higher.

7. Some custodian companies can directly cash out the virtual coins mined by investors' mining machines, which also relieves some investors from worrying about not being able to convert virtual coins into cash.

What does Bitcoin mining hosting mean? The above is the relevant content of what Bitcoin mining hosting means. As we all know, mining hosting is buying a large number of mining machines and then handing them over to others for mining management, and this has to involve the choice of mining farms, so investing When choosing a mining farm, look for a mining farm with a long operating time, a good reputation and operating in the form of a company. A more worry-free solution is to find a combined mining provider with a good reputation and a long operating time, offering to purchase from mining machines. , custody, operation and maintenance, residual value processing and other professional services in the whole mining process.